Project Description

Origin: Chicken Meat
Chicken Meat Meal is a natural source of protein and minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, which is used as an premium ingredient in the production of animal feed for pet food industries.

The raw material is collected from slaughterhouses inspected (with the Certification S.I.F. – Federal Inspection System of Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil) and is 100% poultry meat processing at our plant.

The meal is free from any additive that improve your natural protein.

Physical Properties:
Presentation: solid, in powder form;
Color: light to mid light brown;
Smell: typical poultry meat meal, without rancid.

The product is treated and is free from salmonella or any other agent Pathogenic at load time.

To ensure that the product reaches its destination within these standards, an adequate stabilizer / antioxidant (BHA/BHT or
natural) is added with a 200 ppm min.

Packaging: In bulk or in a big bag of 1,300kg each.

Storage: In a clean and airy place, at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Especificações: Low Ash Premium Super Premium
Proteín 65% min 70% min 75% min
Ash 14% max 11% max 8% max
Fat 15% max 15% max 15% max
Moisture 8% max 8% max 8% max
Fiber 2% max 2% max 2% max
Calcium 5% max 5% max 5% max
Phosphorous 2,5% min 2,5% min 2,5% min
Digestible Proteinl 85% min em 0,2% Pepsina 85% min em 0,2% em Pepsina 85% min em 0,2% em Pepsina