Project Description

Origin: Bovine
Bovine tallow is a source of lipids, which is used as an ingredient in the animal feed production, Hygiene and cleaning industries and recently in the biofuel segment.

The raw material used to produce the bovine tallow is collected from slaughterhouses inspected (with the Certification S.I.F. – Federal Inspection System of Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil) and processed in our industrial plant.

Physical Properties:
Presentation: solid at temperatures under 40 °C and liquid at temperatures above 40°C;
Color: light yellow;
Smell: characteristic.

The product is free of salmonella and other pathogenic agents due to the temperature used in the manufacture process.

Packaging: In bulk.

Storage: In appropriated metal tanks, which prevent the incidence of sun and bad weather.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.


Free Acidity in Oleic Acid 5% max
Moisture and Impurities 1% max
Ethereal Extract 99% min